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Porter County Stormwater Board pursues ditch cleaning

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The Porter County Stormwater Management Board awarded contracts for two ditch cleaning projects its meeting Tuesday morning.

The ditches: Ahlgrim and Cobb Ditch, with work to begin this season.

The board also solicited quotes--to be opened at a future meeting--for vegetation maintenance on Block Ditch from C.R. 75W to C.R. 100W, Cornell Ditch from C.R. 400W to C.R. 500W, Kithcart Ditch near C.R. 900S and C.R. 500W, and Dog Lake Ditch from C.R. 900S to Cobb Creek. The maintenance will include tree removal, mowing, and clearing.

In addition, the Board will open quotes and award contracts for construction on Arm 12 of Henderson Ditch, west of Fletcher Estates; and Arm 12 of Ludington Ditch between C.R. 100W and C.R. 200W. Both Henderson and Ludington each require reconstruction on a tilted drain.

In other business, County Engineer Mike Novotney reported that the delay in the relocation of a water main on Park Place in Wheeler is due to a dispute in ownership. Indiana American Water Company was prepared to pay for the relocation of the main, until it was discovered IAWC does not own it. County Surveyor Kevin Breitzke says he is doing everything he can to advance the project and will deliver an oral report on its progress at the next meeting, Dec. 12.

Novotney reported as well that the county is in the process of hiring a junior engineer to aid in stormwater projects. The three most qualified applicants have been interviewed and invitations for second interviews will be extended to two.


Vera Dawson requested the Board’s approval to install a septic system perimeter drain outlet on her property near Neimer Ditch, but her request was tabled because the property lies within a flood zone.

Jonathan Fasel, meanwhile, requested and was granted assistance remedying drainage problems in the Lake Eliza subdivision.



Posted 11/15/2017




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