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Porter County sets policy for funding dainage culvert construction

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The Porter County Storm Water Management Board approved a new memorandum of understanding between the Board of Commissioners and the Storm Water Department at its meeting Tuesday.

County Attorney Scott McClure said, “We’ve been mulling it for 18 months, and I think we’ve finally got it nailed down all the way.” The new MOU replaces one the Storm Water Board and County Commissioners approved last month that stipulated that the Storm Water Department would fund culverts over 24 inches in diameter.

The new MOU clarifies which fund from each department pays for various projects and where the money collected with the stormwater fee is directed, according to McClure. McClure said the County has culverts up to 13 feet wide, and the MOU treats culverts larger than eight feet in diameter as small structures that will be paid for out of the cumulative bridge fund. All other culvert purchases will be funded by the Storm Water Department and will require approval from both the Commissioners and the Storm Water Board.

County Planner Robert Thompson added that paving on bridge decks and the road leading up to the bridge 500 feet on either side of the bridge abutments will also be funded from the bridge fund.

McClure said, “All the departments that were touched by this were in on it,” and they were all given enough notice to incorporate any needed changes to their 2019 budget proposals.

Project updates

Thompson gave project updates in place of County Engineer Mike Novotney, who was on vacation Tuesday. Bids for the Old South Haven storm water improvement, including piping and extending Governor Road are officially open. DLZ took care of the design phase, and Thompson reported the final design and bid packet will be done within a week. Thompson’s conservative estimate of when work would begin was October.

Also, Thompson and Novotney will be meeting with FEMA to complete a walkthrough of damage caused by the floods in late February and early March. FEMA will inspect and assess the damage on Monday in accordance with Porter County’s application for assistance.

The Department is doing maintenance and bank stabilization on Crooked Creek and the summer interns are working on gathering drainage data in Shorewood.


The Board approved the following claims for work on County-regulated drains: $2,500 for Crooked Creek north, $3,500 for Brown Ditch, and $2,480 for Buergler Ditch. The Board also approved two claims for emergency exigency work and flood response in the amount of $5,430 for the Kankakee River and $43,250 in the Shenandoah Springs subdivision.


Posted 7/11/2018




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