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Porter County Safety Director Mike Brickner resigns

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Porter County Public Safety Director Mike Brickner submitted his resignation Monday and will leave his post effective Jan. 31, Brickner told the Chesterton Tribune today.

I was brought in by the County in a new position created to pretty much repair two organizations that were in dire need of leadership and reorganization, Brickner said, referring to County 911 and the Emergency Management Agency (EMA).

Brickner cited his staffing choices as some of the accomplishments hes most proud of. EMA is now under great leadership, Brickner said, I think its now one of the model EMAs in the state.

In his 16-month tenure, Brickner hired new 911 Director Rob Lanchsweerdt and EMA Director Lance Bella and helped oversee the planning to move County 911 operations into the old jail building at 157 Franklin in downtown Valparaiso after the Commissioners bought it and pledged to make it into a new County Annex building as part of their $30 million capital improvements project.

Brickner said hes comfortable moving on after laying the foundation for 911 to be in a better environment, hiring good people, and improving staffing levels.

Brickner said nothing specific prompted his exit.

I went into the position looking at it as a great opportunity and it has been, Brickner said. The decision has to be something thats best for me and my family.


Posted 12/19/2018





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