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Porter County Recorder introduces online eRecording service

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The Porter County Recorderís office debuted its new eRecording service on Monday which will enable it to electronically record deeds, mortgages and other documents in cooperation with the County Assessor and Auditor.

County Recorder Jon Miller said the new service will make easier for the average citizen to get their recorded documents within a shorter amount of time.

eRecording automates document examination, fee collection, image retention, data processing and eliminates the recording of paper document. It allows the Recorderís office to electronically accept documents securely and efficiently via the Internet.

ďThe quickest way to the courthouse is to not have to go there at all. eRecording will allow document submitters the ability to electronically transmit their documents instead of using couriers and express or overnight mail,Ē Miller said.

The Porter County Board of Commissioners approved a memorandum of understanding with eRecording Partners Network (ePN) requested by Miller earlier this month to implement eRecording with the Recorderís software vendor Fidlar Technologies which will not require any additional county funding.

The office currently accepts eRecordings with three submitting vendors -- ePN, Simplifile and Corporation Service Company.

Miller in a press release said the benefits of eRecording include a reduction in the manual process associated with paper processing from days to just minutes, eDocuments can be submitted to the his office quicker than by mail or carrier, a direct cost savings in postage, overnight shipping and delayed processing, and fewer rejections and faster corrections.

If for any reason a document submitted by anyone is incomplete, rejected documents can be resubmitted in hours instead of days, Miller said.

Millerís goal by the end of this year is for his office to be receiving up to 25 percent of their documents digitally through eRecording and 50 percent in possibly two to three years similar to what Allen County is doing now. Miller said his office is the first in Northwest Indiana to use eRecording.

The service is now available at Those submitting documents will be still be charged a standard fee.

In the next two months, Miller said his office will be adding DocRouting technologies that will also make it easier for the public and title companies to process their transfer documents or land conveyance records with the Assessor, Auditor and Recorder offices by eliminating the need to carry those documents between offices at the County Administration Center, turning hours into minutes.

"The ultimate benefit of eRecording is providing enhanced service to the public. A more efficient recording process reduces the turnaround time on processing documents, which in turn expedites the return of important personal documents back to the public,Ē Miller said.

The DocRouting implementation will be paid one-time out of the Recorderís perpetration fund, not the Countyís general fund.

Streamlining the recording process will allow the Millerís office to reorganize its workforce of seven employees. Workers will have more time to continue scanning the County Recorderís public documents going all the way to 1836, preserving them and making them accessible to the public, Miller said.



Posted 11/20/2013




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