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Porter County Health Department: Do not eat recalled romaine lettuce from California counties

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The FDA, along with CDC, state, and local agencies, is investigating a multistate outbreak of E. coli O157:H7 illnesses linked to romaine lettuce grown in California this fall, the Porter County Health Department is reporting.

On Dec. 13, Adam Bros. Farming Inc., in Santa Barbara County, recalled products that may have come into contact with water from the water reservoir where the outbreak strain was found. The firm recalled red leaf lettuce, green leaf lettuce, and cauliflower harvested Nov. 27-30. According to the firm, cauliflower was distributed to wholesalers in the U.S. Mexico, and Canada.

So far, none of the recalled product has tested positive for E. coli O157:H7 and no illnesses have been reported.

The Health Department is recommending that consumers not eat recalled products and instead throw them away. Likewise restaurants and retailers should not serve or sell romaine from the same counties in California. Consumers also should not eat romaine from Monterey, San Benito, and Santa Barbara counties in California.

“Based on discussions with producers and distributors, romaine lettuce entering the market will now be voluntarily labeled with a harvest location and a harvest date or labeled as being hydroponically or greenhouse-grown,” the Health Department said. “Romaine lettuce with the new labeling is available in stores. Consumers should look for signs in stores where labels are not an option. If signs or labels do not have this information, you should not eat or use it.”

“If it does have this information, we advise avoiding romaine from Monterey, San Benito, and Santa Barbara counties in California,” the Health Department said. “Romaine from outside those regions need not be avoided. Additional counties may be added or subtracted as FDA traceback investigation continues.”

Consumers who have purchased any of the referenced product are urged to return it to the place of purchase or destroy it. Consumers with questions may contact the company at (805) 925- 0339 or Porter County Health Department at (219) 465-3525.


Posted 12/27/2018




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