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Porter County DCS hosts dinner meeting for prospective foster parents

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The Porter County office of the Indiana Department of Child Services (DCS) is always looking for adults with a strong desire to invest in the future and will host a special informational meeting for prospective foster parents on June 5 at Liberty Bible Church, 834 North Calumet Avenue in Chesterton.

As part of the meeting, a free dinner for prospective foster parents will be available. The dinner/meeting will take place at 6 p.m.

Attendees are asked to RSVP by May 29 to Anita Kajmakoski, (219)-462-2112, ext. 12379. The dinner is being provided by the Fostering Hope Support Group at Liberty Bible.

After the meal, foster care specialists from the local DCS office will discuss foster parent responsibilities as well as the licensing process, including the home study.

These visionary foster parents are selfless caregivers willing to provide temporary supervision and stability for children during a challenging time in the children’s lives.

“When children are not able to safely remain in their own home, relative care is always the second best option,” said Louella Richey, director of the Porter County DCS office. “But when there are no relatives available to care for the children, we need to have good foster families to provide care until the children can be reunited with their families.”

Foster parents can be stay-at-home parents or they can work outside the home. They may rent or own their own house, apartment or condominium, as long as it meets safety standards. Besides providing food and shelter, they assist with practical needs like helping with visits with the child’s family, taking them to any needed therapy sessions, medical and other appointments and ensuring there are extra-curricular activities.

Local foster parents are especially needed so school-age children removed from their homes can continue to attend their own school and maintain contact with their friends. Those willing to foster teenagers or sibling groups are particularly desired.

A willingness to step up and help a child in need is the most important prerequisite for becoming a foster parent.

In Porter County, there are 36 abused or neglected children currently live in non-relative foster homes because it is not safe for them to live in their own homes.


Posted 5/27/2014