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Porter County and Duneland property tax rates lower for 2017

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The Indiana Department of Local Government Finance has issued Porter County’s 2017 budget order, which lists the approved budgets, levies, and certified tax rates for all of the county’s taxing units.

Some highlights of this year's budget order, according to Porter County Auditor Vicki Urbanik:

* Tax rates will decrease in all but two of Porter County's 30 taxing districts. Those two: Union Township and Portage (Westchester Township).

* The tax rate to fund county government will drop from 0.4394 (43.94 cents) per $100 of assessed valuation to 0.4385 (43.85 cents). This is the fourth consecutive year in which the county government's tax rate has declined.

* Chesterton (Westchester Township): $2.4135 ($2.5607 in 2016).

* Porter: $2.6875 ($2.7264).

* Burns Harbor: $1.9428 ($1,9516).

* Duneland School Corporation: $0.9660 ($0.9880).

* Westchester Township: $1.6462 ($1.6610).

* Liberty Township: $1.5587 ($1.5806).

* Jackson Township: $1.5192 ($1.5423).

* Dune Acres: $1.9641 ($1.9661).

Beverly Shores: $1.7893 ($1.9662).

Pine Township: $1.5661 ($1.5908).

* Thirteen taxing units--including Porter County government--qualified for an abbreviated state review of their budgets due to the proposed property tax levies submitted.

* The budget order continues to show that Porter County has four school systems with tax rates exempt from the property tax caps, as approved by voters in a referendum. The school systems with these referendum rates are Valparaiso, Duneland, Union, and Boone Township schools.

Porter County Auditor Vicki Urbanik noted that the DLGF has through Feb. 15 of each year to issue the budget orders throughout the state. “With the tax rates now certified, the Porter County Auditor's Office will proceed without delay with this year's tax bills,” she said. “In the coming weeks, our office will prepare the tax abstract, publish the annual tax rate chart, and calculate the bills.”

The first installment of property tax bills will be due on May 10.

To view the budget orders, visit and click on “County Specific Information.” The link to the state Budget Status Map is



Posted 2/14/2017




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