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Pipeline contractor paid $10K for off duty police squad car fuel use

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The Porter County Sheriff’s Police did not pick up the tab for the fuel used by off-duty officers hired to guard the pipeline work site off Meridian Road in Liberty Township this winter.

On Wednesday, Sheriff David Lain announced that Enbridge Inc.’s contractor, Precision Pipeline LLC, has issued a check in the amount of $10,000 to “cover the fuel expenses for the many county squad cars that were seen at those work zones.”

“Many of the areas affected by the project were located along high traffic volume roadways, which presented a significant hazard to both pipeline workers and area motorists,” Lain said. “Enbridge and Precision Pipeline paid off-duty officers from the Porter County Sheriff’s Department to guard numerous sites throughout Porter County 24 hours a day for the months that the pipeline was vulnerable.”

Security at the site, “due to the strategic nature of that infrastructure,” was critical, Lain also said. “We can’t lose sight of the fact that oil is an absolutely essential natural resource and a prime target for an unknown number of radical groups and individuals who would benefit from the project’s disruption.”

“I would personally like to thank Precision and Enbridge for being good employers to our officers, and for their being good corporate neighbors by paying for the county’s fuel instead of our officers having to do so,” Lain added.


Posted 3/13/2014