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PCCRVC tells 2017 tourism grant awards

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The Porter County Convention, Recreation, and Visitor Commission (PCCRVC) has awarded $26,250 in grants to 15 non-profit organizations for the promotion of their festivals and events, sporting competitions, and other tourism-related initiatives during 2017.

“The goal of the grants is to assist those who plan to bring visitors into the county by building new attractions or by organizing festivals, events, business meetings, and sports tournaments during 2017,” PCCRVC Executive Director Lorelei Weimer said. “These grants are designed to get new events and attractions off the ground, get existing events to grow and to market our area. The result of the grants is that people will visit from outside Porter County and spend their money here.”

Weimer noted that the county’s residents benefit from the grant program because more money is brought in to support the local economy and because residents get more festivals and events to enjoy.

A list of the grants:

* Fish-On Annual Outdoor Show, $2,500.

* Gears of Hope Duneland Tour, $2,000.

* Indiana Dunes Birding Festival, $2,500.

* Portage Summer Music Series, $750.

* Prairie Music Fest, $2,500.

* Dunes Learning Center camps, $1,000.

* Geocaching & More, $500.

* Hooked on Art, $1,500.

* Northwest Indiana Excellent in Theater Foundation, $1,500.

* South Shore Suite, $1,000.

* Taltree Acorn Concert Series, $2,500.

* Pastime Tournaments, $1,000.

* Northern Amateur Golf Tournament, $1,500.

* Lutheran Basketball Association of America national basketball tournament, $3,000.

* Valparaiso University Classic bowling tournament, $2,500.

The grants can be used for such things as advertising, printing, and promotional expenses designed to bring visitors to Porter County and encourage overnight stays. The funds can also be used to develop new attractions, as well as brochures, websites and other tools that encourage visitation.

The following grants are available each year: product development, $5,000 annually; sponsorship, $3,000 annually; and marketing, festivals, events, meetings and seminars, $2,500 for the first year, $1,500 for the second year, and $1,000 for the third year.




Posted 11/21/2016




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