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PCCRVC raises salary cap for hourly employees

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The Porter County Convention, Recreation, and Visitors Commission decided to raise the salary cap for hourly employees at its meeting Thursday.

Board Attorney David Hollenbeck reported that hourly tourism employees hit their top pay rate when they reach $10 per hour. PCCRVC Executive Director Lorelei Weimer said the salary cap has become a problem since two employees are now at $10 an hour and have no room for increase. One of the employees has been working for PCCRVC for nine years, and one for 13 years. The employees are eligible for premium pay, which adds 50 cents per hour, on weekends and holidays, but the salary cap doesn’t allow for these two employees to be paid $10.50. One of the long-standing employees regularly works on Sundays.

Hollenbeck recommended the salary cap be increased to $12 an hour and said the change must be made retroactive to March 12, so the employees can be reimbursed for every weekend or holiday hour they have worked since having their pay raised to $10 an hour. Hollenbeck said the approval process could take the Commission through June, as the County Council must approve all changes to the budget. Assuming normal work hours, the employee who often works Sundays will be owed $52.98 at that time.

Commission President Mitch Peters, for his part, said the Commission should raise the salary cap to match the $15 per hour maximum that part-time hourly County employees are limited to. “I’d like to give us more room so that we’re not running up against this again in a few years.” He noted that no additional money would be required for any salary cap increase, but the move would ensure that the Commission doesn’t have to petition the Council to raise the hourly salary cap again in the future.

The Commission voted unanimously to raise the salary cap for hourly employees to $15 an hour. Hollenbeck will amend the wording and bring the request to the County Council.


Posted 4/23/2018




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