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PCCRVC awards tourism grants

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Each year the tax-supported Porter County Convention, Recreation, and Visitor Commission (PCCRVC) awards funds through its Tourism Promotion Grant Program to local Porter County businesses and organizations committed to bringing in visitors from outside of Northwest Indiana. This year, PCCRVC awarded $38,100 to support the building of new attractions and the organization and marketing of festivals, events, meetings, conventions and sports tournaments that promote visitation.

The 2020 grant recipients: NWI Food Council, Art Barn School of Art, Chautauqua in the Dunes, Chesterton/Porter Rotary Club, Duneland Chamber of Commerce, Gabis Arboretum at Purdue Northwest, Lutheran Music Program, Portage Township YMCA, Porter County Sheriff's Office, Association of Artists and Craftsmen of Porter County (The Chesterton Art Center), Duneland Economic Development Company Inc., Kankakee Valley Historical Society, Lake County Historical Society, LTC Media LLC, Museums of Porter County, Northwest Indiana Excellence in Theatre Foundation, Northwest Indiana Paddling Association Inc., Portage Township Live Entertainment Association, Portage Township Parks and Recreation, Lutheran Basketball Association of America, and Northwest Indiana Junior Golf Association.

“Every year we are thrilled to see our community organizations stepping up to improve the Indiana Dunes area,” said Sandy Remijas, operations director of PCCRVC and the Tourism Promotion Grant Program manager. “These grants allow us to offer support that may not be available anywhere else.”

Grants may be used for such things as developing and enhancing attractions, as well as advertising, printing and promotional expenses that bring visitors to the area and encourage overnight stays. The funds can also be used to develop brochures, websites and other tools that further promote visitation.

“As a tourism entity,” PCCRVC Executive Director Lorelei Weimer said, “we are constantly striving to further improve the product and economic development of our region. The Indiana Dunes Tourism Promotion Grant Program helps our local organizations grow, benefiting both tourists and residents alike.”

The following grants were available for-profit, nonprofit and government entities: product development, $5,000 annually; sports sponsorship, $3,000 annually; marketing, $2,500 (first year), $1,500 (second year) and $1,000 (third year); festivals and events, $2,500 (first year), $1,500 (second year) and $1,000 (third year); and meetings, conventions and seminars, $2,500 (first year), $1,500 (second year) and $1,000 (third year).




Posted 11/25/2019




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