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LEL extending Gateway Boulevard to Urschel

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The Porter County Drainage Board on Tuesday said yes to plans for the Lake Erie Land Company to allow drainage into Johnson Ditch along a proposed eastern extension of Gateway Boulevard in Chesterton.

Gateway Blvd. is on the east side of Ind. 49 across from the Toll Road entrance. Johnson Ditch is a regulated county drain.

Submitting the plans on behalf of LEL for land design and roadway expansion were project manager Michael Johnston and engineer Ben Holden from Lawson-Fisher Associates civil engineering firm headquartered in South Bend.

Johnston said work is scheduled to begin this winter to construct a new stretch of the four-lane road that would head straight east about 1,200 feet until it meets Johnson Ditch at the point where it intersects with Coffee Creek running north and south.

Across the ditch is the land for the new Urschel Laboratories plant, Johnston said.

Sometime next year Urschel plans to open the road onto its property with a bridge over Coffee Creek.

“These are separate projects but they are joined at the hip because it’s the same road,” Johnston said.

Holden said there will be natural features that will direct drainage into a detention pond that will abut the new roadway on its north side which eventually will drain into Coffee Creek and Johnson Ditch.

He spoke of using swales and large diameter pipes to carry drainage and anticipates showing the plans to the drainage board at a future meeting.

County Surveyor Kevin Breitzke said Holden has been in contact with him to ensure the plans meet the County’s codes.

With no objections, the board accepted the request to allow LEL to discharge into Johnson Ditch and grant it access with a 3-0 vote.

Absent from the meeting were board members Ed Gutt and County Commissioner Laura Shurr Blaney, D-South.

Keith Sharpe, of LEL, said after the meeting his company has no plans for further developments at this time other than the roadway extension.



Posted 11/13/2013




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