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Flashing caution lights coming to Meridian 950N

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The Porter County Commissioners have approved the installation of flashing warning lights at the intersection of Meridian Road and C.R. 950N, a two-way stop.

The move comes after Porter County Council Member Jeff Larson--a Liberty Township resident--began receiving calls from neighbors about accidents at the intersection, Commissioner Jim Biggs, R-North, told the Chesterton Tribune this morning.

“I asked the Sheriff’s Department for a crash history at that intersection and sure enough accidents have increased there over the last five years,” Biggs said. “And they’ll continue to increase with residential development.”

Biggs also noted that Meridian Road is one of the routes of choice for school buses traveling to Chesterton High School from out-of-town for competitions and other events.

The Commissioners accordingly found funding for the flashers in the cable franchise budget, administered by the County Highway Department, Biggs said.

To be installed next month: illuminated stop signs for east- and westbound motorists on C.R. 950N; and flashing yellow warning lights for north- and southbound motorists on Meridian Road, approximately 500 feet from the intersection in each direction.

The signals will be solar-powered and the cost--around $12,000--is “quite reasonable,” Biggs said.

Earlier this year illuminated stop signs and flashing signals were similarly installed at two other problematic two-way stops: the one at Meridian Road and C.R. 700N; the other at McCool Road and C.R. 875N.


Posted 12/14/2017




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