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Duneland net assessed value rises $30 million for 2018

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Porter County Auditor Vicki Urbanik reported this week that Porter County’s certified net assessed values totaled $9.49 billion for its 2018 assessment figures, an overall increase of 2.5 percent from 2017.

Duneland saw growth too but not as sharp as other parts in the county. Its 2018 net AV is $2,960,928,969, a $30,110,444 increase, or 1.01 percent, above 2017’s figures.

A list of the net AVs for all 31 taxing units in Porter County has been uploaded on the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance’s Gateway portal at

According to the DLGF, three Duneland townships -- Jackson, Liberty and Pine -- saw increases in their AV this year, while Westchester Twp. experienced a decrease of about $20 million. Jackson and Liberty’s AV grew about $20 million and $30 million, respectively, while Pine’s remained relatively flat.

For the 2018 AV figures, Porter County saw declines in ten out of 31 taxing units, and six of those were in Duneland.

Unincorporated Westchester Twp. saw the biggest drop with $171.7 million for 2018’s net AV, an almost $30 million plunge from the $200.8 million for 2017.

The Town of Burns Harbor saw its AV dip by $3 million, from $565.1 million to $562 million. The Town of Porter’s AV was .9 million less for 2018 than in 2017, from $228.5 million to $227.4 million, and the Town of Pines decreased slightly by about $100,000, at $21.6 million for 2018. Smaller than that was the portion of Pine Twp. in the Michigan City School District whose difference was about $10,000.

The City of Portage’s small section of Westchester Twp. saw its AV reduced from about $6 million for 2017 to $4.1 million in 2018.

County Assessor Jon Snyder could offer no specific reason for the decreases but said that the formula for determining an assessed value is affected by sales activity within the immediate area, which can cause a value to either shrink or grow. He also said that all buildings and property receive an assessed value, whether they are vacant or not.

“There were some (taxing units) that saw decreases but not that many as the county was up generally by 3 to 5 percent (in AV),” Snyder said.

While Burns Harbor and Porter’s AVs decreased, Chesterton’s increased by roughly $22 million for 2018. Its total from its three taxing units is approximately $692 million.

Meanwhile, the City of Valparaiso’s AV improved by $60 million and Portage’s AV improved by $38.1 million for 2018.

The other units that saw declines in AV were the Town of Hebron, the Town of Ogden Dunes and Porter Twp. unincorporated.

Below is the list of tax units with their corresponding 2018 net AV figures with the 2017 figures in parentheses for comparison.

Duneland township totals

Jackson Township: $424.3 million ($406 million)

Liberty Township: $638.4 million ($607.3 million)

Pine Township: $300.5 million ($299.8 million)

Westchester Township: $1,597.7 million ($1,617.7 million)

Duneland area increases

Jackson Township unincorporated: $400 million ($384.8 million)

Liberty Township unincorporated: $498 million ($477.8 million)

Chesterton-Liberty Twp.: $140.4 million ($129.5 million)

Pine Township-Duneland School District: $40.8 million ($40.2 million)

Beverly Shores-Pine Twp.: $187.6 million ($187.4 million)

Chesterton-Westchester Twp.: $527.8 million ($519 million)

Dune Acres-Westchester Twp.: $104.7 million ($98.4 million)

Chesterton-Jackson Twp.: $23.9 million ($21.3 million)

Duneland area decreases

Pine Township-Michigan City School District: $50.48 million ($50.49 million)

Town of Pines- Pine Twp.: $21.6 million ($21.7 million)

City of Portage-Westchester Twp.: $4.1 million ($6 million)

Burns Harbor-Westchester Twp.: $562 million ($565.1 million)

Town of Porter-Westchester Twp.: $227.4 million ($228.5 million)

Westchester Township unincorporated: $171.7 million ($200.7 million)

Increases elsewhere

Boone Township unincorporated: $134.5 million ($133 million)

Center Township unincorporated: $823 million ($802.6 million)

Valparaiso-Center Twp.: $1,480 million ($1,464.5 million)

Morgan Township unincorporated: $267.5 million ($251.2 million)

Pleasant Township unincorporated: $170.3 million ($164.5 million)

Kouts-Pleasant Twp.: $82.1 million ($76.9 million)

Portage Township unincorporated: $258 million ($243.7 million)

City of Portage-Portage Twp.: $1,431.2 million ($1,391.1 million)

Union Township: $597.5 million ($574.5 million)

Washington Township: $274.1 million ($265.1 million)

Porter Township-Porter Fire: $238.8 million ($221.1 million)

Valparaiso-Washington Twp.: $229.4 million ($185.1 million)

Valparaiso-Center Twp. Municipal Tax Exempt (MTE): $.05 million (N/A)

Decreases elsewhere

Hebron-Boone Twp.: $108.8 million ($109.3 million)

Ogden Dunes-Portage Twp.: $145 million ($147.4 million)

Porter Township unincorporated: $293.9 million ($300.5 million)

Valparaiso-Morgan Twp.: $.1 million ($.2 million)



Posted 8/11/2017




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