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Duneland cases on County BZA agenda

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The Porter County Board of Zoning Appeals has a long agenda for its meeting Wednesday at 6:30 p.m., with many requests from property owners in Duneland.

Under new business, Richard and Connie Shay are requesting to split five acres of their property at 1920 Hale Avenue and CR 1400 North, in Westchester Twp., into two 2.5 acre parcels, leaving one with an existing accessory structure. The property is zoned Single-family Residential.

James Jeppesen, represented by Charles Parkinson, is requesting approval to allow a proposed accessory structure to be placed between a primary structure and right-of-way at 670 East CR 950 North in Jackson Twp. The property is zoned Rural Residential.

James and Dolores Gorski, represented by Anthony Kollak, seek a variance to allow the existing primary structure to be closer than the required 40 foot building line and to vary the width to length ratio of 1:4 for a proposed two-lot administrative subdivision, at 1107 North CR 650 East in Pine Township. The property is zoned Rural Residential.

Alan Topping, of 644 North 50 West in Liberty Twp., is requesting approval to allow a reduction in side yard setback from 30 feet to 10 feet for a proposed addition to an existing non-conforming primary structure. The property is zoned Rural Residential.

In another case, applicant Dan Marrs, of 319 West State Rd. 8 in Boone Twp., is requesting an extension to allow a furniture repair and refinishing business in a General Agriculture zoned district.

Under old business, Gariup Enterprises, LLC, of 173 South CR 500 West in Porter Twp., seeks an extension of a use variance allowing the operation of a construction business and permitting outside storage. The property is zoned Rural Residential.

The BZA will meet in Room 205 of the Porter County Administration Building, 155 Indiana Ave., Valparaiso.



Posted 7/15/2014