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Democrat Kathy Kozuszek announces candidacy for County Clerk

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Kathy Kozuszek announced this week that she will be filing her candidacy for the Office of the Porter County Circuit Clerk in 2014.

Kozuszek has worked in the Porter County Voters Registration office since 2001 and served as the Democratic Director since 2007. She said she has personally overseen all of the elections that have been held in the county over those years.

Taxpayers deserve a Clerk that will be inclusive, responsive and who works for all residents, Kozuszek said.

“While the Republican-controlled Legislature continues to make it more difficult for Porter County residents to vote, as your County Clerk I will continue to improve voter access to elections by resisting any effort to eliminate neighborhood voting locations through inconvenient and distant vote centers. I will continue on with all the cost saving measures that I have implemented in the administration of elections in Porter County,” she said.

Taxpayers are the ones who help elect the Circuit Court Clerk, Kozuszek said, and the Clerk needs to be responsible to all of them as it is a public office.

Kozuszek said she will be a County Clerk who works with elected and appointed officials of all parties and, most importantly, will ensure that she will perform her duties for the citizens of the community. She said she will be a Clerk who listens and works with the Porter County Judges to ensure fair, impartial and accessible judicial process for every citizen.

She also said she will make every attempt to educate and encourage the children of Porter County about the importance of the voting process and that every vote does count.

“As your next elected Clerk, I promise to be responsive to all constituents and members of both parties and the taxpayers like you and me who are proud to call Porter County our home,” Koszuszek said.

Kozuszek invites Facebook users to follow her on her page kathy4clerk.


Posted 12/26/2013






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