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CR 400E washed out

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A quarter-mile stretch of C.R. 400E in the area of East Greening Road was washed away in Saturday’s torrential rains.

It’s currently impassable and Porter County Highway Superintendent Rich Sexton was unable to say this morning when exactly it will be re-opened to traffic, although the Highway Department is doing and has done everything it can do at the moment to expedite the road’s return to service.

The first hurdle: a 60-inch culvert, 50 feet in length, needed to be replaced, as the largest culvert in the Highway Department’s inventory is only 36 inches in diameter. That culvert was fabricated by a contractor on Thursday, per Highway Department specs, and will be delivered next week, Sexton told the Chesterton Tribune.

Here’s the second hurdle: a NIPSCO four-inch natural-gas line runs right up against the old culvert and will in all likelihood need to be re-located, Sexton said. In fact, he added, the old culvert is essentially “supporting the gas line.”

Sexton has been in communication with NIPSCO and has laid out the problem, but he simply doesn’t know when NIPSCO will address the issue.

Once the gas line has been re-located or otherwise dealt with, returning the road to service should be a matter of only a couple of days: removing the old culvert, installing the new one, and then reconstructing the road “from top to bottom,” Sexton said.


Posted 5/29/2020




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