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County Treasurer explains payment options to avoid being on list for county tax sale

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Porter County Auditor Bob Wichlinski, in accordance with the regulations in the Indiana Code, has mailed certified notices for the upcoming county tax sale.

County Treasurer Mike Bucko said on Friday that if you received a certified notice or first-class mailing you will be advised that the date for tax sale is Oct. 29, 2013.

To remove this property from publication in the newspaper, the Amount for Judgment or the Amount Subject to Tax Sale payment must be received by the Treasurerís Office by 12 p.m. on Aug. 30.

Those on the tax list have until the end of the business day on Oct. 28 to be removed from the tax sale list by paying the Amount for Judgment or the Amount Subject to Tax Sale payment, however the name will remain in the newspaper publication.

After these dates it will be required of those taxpayers to pay the amount subject to tax sale on the notice. They would also run the risk that the property may already be sold before they have attempted to pay the taxes, said Bucko.

The Indiana law allows for an agreement to be struck between the Treasurer and the taxpayer to create a payment plan which must be paid in full by June 20, 2014. Taxpayers may make a down payment of 25 percent of the Amount Subject to Tax Sale and the remainder is in monthly payments.

After Sept. 7, the down payment may increase to 50 percent and after Oct. 7 the payment plan opportunity may be closed, said Bucko.

In all applications payments must be made in cash, certified check or money order. Please make payments to the Porter County Treasurer at 155 Indiana Ave. Valparaiso, IN, 46383.

Payments that are not made in the above manner will be returned to the tax payer, Bucko said.

Appointments can be made with the Treasurer for the determination of qualification by calling the Porter County Treasurerís office at (219)-465-3470.



Posted 8/19/2013