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County to build Highway Department substation in South Haven

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The Porter County Board of Commissioners approved the Redevelopment Commission’s South Haven economic development project at its meeting last week.

The Redevelopment Commission plans to establish a presence in South Haven by decommissioning an old Sheriff’s station on C.R. 700N and replacing it with a Highway Department substation. That plan--to demolish an existing building on the property and construct a small office and two vehicle bays--is in accordance with the Porter County Comprehensive Plan, according to the Plan Commission. The property is Commissioners-owned and not in a tax increment financing district. The funding for the project is slated to come from hospital abatement money.

Commissioner President Jeff Good, R-Center, said that he’s pleased to see the county creating a presence in South Haven and that the new substation will make snow-plowing easier in that area, as plows are currently dispatched out of Valparaiso. Commissioner Jim Biggs, R-North, noted that South Haven is the largest unincorporated urban area in Indiana--nearly the size of Chesterton--which makes snow management difficult. “Snow plowing becomes more like hand-to-hand combat out there,” Good added.

The Commissioners voted unanimously to adopt the plan.

Highway Department

In other Highway Department business, Superintendent Andy McKay reported that he’s secured from the Indiana Department of Transportation reimbursement in the amount of $62,587, for damages caused when INDOT used C.R. 264W for an official bypass.

McKay also presented quotes from Korellis Roofing and Tri County Roofing for repairs on the three salt domes in Porter County. The salt domes are at Highway Department garages in Hebron, Valparaiso, and Chesterton. Tri County Roofing was awarded the repairs to the Valparaiso salt dome for $1,856.62, and Korellis Roofing was awarded the Hebron and Chesterton jobs for $26,047 and $26,337 respectively.

911 Radios

Meanwhile, two more communities--Beverly Shores and Ogden Dunes--will benefit from matching funds for the purchase of new 911 radios. Communities that are not eligible for state funding are receiving 70 percent of the cost of their new radios, which is $9,073.02 for the Beverly Shores Police Department, $15,178.90 for Town of Pines Fire Department, $21,481.57 for Ogden Dunes Police Department, and $77,359.70 for Ogden Dunes Fire Department. The funds will go directly to Bartronics, which is providing the radios.

Cell Phone Policy

Department of Development and Stormwater Management Director Robert Thompson sought approval for a new departmental cell phone policy, under which employees of the department can choose to be provided with a cell phone for business or use a personal phone.

If a phone is provided, it can only be used for county business except in the case of an emergency. No personal apps may be downloaded onto the phone. Employees who choose to use a personal phone must make their phone number available to all staff upon request, and they can be reimbursed for the cost of the phone up to $60 a month. The board approved the policy.








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