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County Stormwater Board looking to 2018 projects

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The Porter County Stormwater Management Board announced at its meeting last week that it will be soliciting quotes for 2018 ditch maintenance and invasive species control.

The board will open those sealed quotes for ditch spraying and vegetation management at its next meeting. The spraying is part of the 2018 Ditch Inspection and Maintenance Program and will control invasive species.

In addition, the board earmarked $16,107.50 for pond management and invasive species management at ponds in various subdivisions; approved the installation of fiber optic cable conduits under regulated drains in Pope-O’Connor Ditch in Chesterton and Swanson-Lamporte Ditch in Liberty Township; and authorized the removal of three culverts from Cobb Ditch in Hebron.

County Engineer Mike Novotney said that other future projects will include reconstructing a drain in Phillips Ditch east of C.R.. 350W in Kouts, mowing and tree removal at Dog Lake Ditch from C.R. 800S to CR 900S, and mowing and tree removal at Morrow Ditch at U.S. Highway 231 and C.R. 100S.


M & K Excavating was awarded two contracts. One, in the amount of $9,800, was for maintenance on Cornell Ditch in Hebron from C.R. 400W to C.R. 500W; the other, in the amount of $5,650, for maintenance on Sandy Hook Ditch in Kouts from C.R. 900S to C.R. 950S.

Meanwhile, the first phase of the stormwater management system rehabilitation in Old South Haven is underway, as the Board approved five professional services contracts for it. Wessler Engineering will handle three pipe-lining projects, DLZ will handle pipe-lining and storm sewers at Governor Road, LaHonda Drive, Heritage Road, and Pittsburgh Ave. CBBEL will handle diversion on Squirrel Creek and detention basin expansion on Midway Drive; Ciorba Group will take point on the Squirrel Creek improvements project; and American StructurePoint will take point on the south central storm sewer project.

On Novotney’s recommendation, the five contractors will each be responsible for the planning and design phases of different aspects of the project. County Surveyor Kevin Breitzke said hiring five firms to work on one project is a change from the past, but a positive one because “Chances are the projects will be completed on a more timely basis.”

“We have five very good consultants rather than one very good consultant,” Breitzke added.







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