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County signs off on minor Jackson Township subdivision

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The Porter County Development Review Committee approved requests in three cases at its meeting Wednesday morning.

The Committee heard two cases for minor subdivisions, in Jackson Township and Washington Township, and one case for storage in a light industrial district in Washington Township.


In the first case, Richard Parker sought primary plat approval for a two-lot minor subdivision zoned rural residential at 759N 500E in Jackson Township.

Parker’s request was approved, with a suggestion from the committee that he keep an eye on the westernmost acre of the property, which could present some problems with drainage.

In the second case, Arthur Bierma sought primary plat approval for the Bierma Farms minor subdivision at 595N 400E in Washington Township. There are two lots on the property, which is zoned rural residential.

Bierma submitted revised drainage reports per a request from the committee at a previous meeting. The reports show that drainage on the property is in accordance with county standards, according to County Engineer Mike Novotney, who suggested that Bierma have the drainage report certified and revise the scale on one sheet of the plat. Bierma is also expected to work with the Highway Department when it comes time to construct culverts.

The Committee accordingly approved Bierma’s request, provided he follows Novotney’s recommendations. Owners with land adjoined to the property will be notified of the plans for the subdivision and given 30 days to comment.

Industrial Storage

In the third case, Frank Kantroski of Illiana industrial sought approval to make an addition to an existing steel frame building for storage. The property, at 393 E. U.S. Highway 30 in Washington Township, is zoned light industrial.

Novotney said there is adequate storage for run-off in a pond on the property. His only recommendation is that the county reach an agreement for an easement around the pond, so the county has the right to inspect and perform maintenance on it if the need arises. Kantroski agreed.

The committee approved Kantroski’s request, with the side note that he will need to cooperate with the County Health Department if he decides to include restrooms in the new addition.


Posted 12/22/2017




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