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County Park Board moves to accept land donations

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The Porter County Park Board voted to move forward with acquiring two parcels at its meeting last night.

Board President Craig Kenworthy reported the Board’s Land Acquisition and Development committee recommended moving forward with acquiring the two parcels, which were offered for donation in June. One parcel abuts the Department’s Hawk Ridge property, and another is a standalone four-acre parcel in Hebron.

Kenworthy said the parcel in Hebron could become part of the trailhead for the Veteran’s Trail, and the only cost incurred will be mowing that parcel, since both were offered as donations. An added benefit, according to Kenworthy: “We’ll finally get a piece down in the southwest of the County. People can’t say we’re not looking down there anymore.”

In other land acquisition news, Lenckos reported there will be a closing date for the Smith Acquisition soon. The 35-acre Smith property abuts Brincka-Cross Gardens, and adding it will more than double the size of Brincka-Cross. Lenckos said the Smith property has some of the best habitat found near the gardens.


The Board started the meeting by adopting a resolution publicly commending Tribune publisher David Canright, who served on the Board for 22 years between January 1997 and December 2018.

Board Attorney David Hollenbeck thanked Canright for his service. “You and I have been around for a long time doing a lot of things,” Hollenbeck said, “and your willingness to give of your time and your talent is something that we all have benefited from. I think the true measure of a man is his willingness to plant a tree under which he will never sit, and you are the epitome.”

Board member and Parks Foundation President Bryan Waisanen said Canright was instrumental in getting funding for many projects over the years, and Board President Craig Kenworthy thanked Canright for “being my conscience at times.” Canright said his time on the Board was “an adventure.”

Building Project

The new Horton Children’s Center at Sunset Hill is complete. Concrete sidewalks were poured yesterday, and the last piece of the puzzle is paving the circle driveway in front of the building. Parks Superintendent Walter Lenckos reported Walsh & Kelly will pave it as soon as they have a half day open. Meanwhile, rain won’t damage the already compacted driveway base. Lenckos asked members to save the date for a potential Ribbon Cutting for the building Oct. 16 in the afternoon.

Kenworthy noted that he spoke with North Commissioner Jim Biggs (R) about getting a flagpole in front of the new building, and thanked Biggs, InTouch Pharmaceuticals, and Operating Engineers Local 150 for raising $1,000 for the flagpole. Lenckos reported he has initiated contact with Porter County’s congressional representatives about getting a flag that has been flown in the Capitol.


Posted 8/2/2019




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