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County candidacy filings still trickling in as deadline looms

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Two days of candidate filing remain for the 2014 elections and the ballots are finally seeing some activity in the Porter County races.

Late Tuesday, County Assessor Jon Snyder announced his bid for reelection. He is running for a second term in the Republican races and currently remains unopposed.

Also this week sees a contested race for the 3rd District County Council on the Republican ballot. Incumbent Karen Conover is being challenged by Russell G. Chet Barone.

None of the other County Council races have seen filings. Also absent of filings is the Porter County Auditor race.

The deadline to file is 12 p.m. Friday, Feb. 7, at the County Voters Registration Office, 155 Indiana Ave. in Valparaiso, Room 105.

Those interested in running must complete a Declaration of Candidacy form and a Statement of Economic Interests. Both items must be submitted and time stamped before noon on Friday to be accepted, the Voters Registration Office said.

Another incumbent who filed this past week is Porter County Judge Roger Bradford for Superior Court 1.

Meanwhile, in the state races a Republican opponent, Major John W. Johnston, has emerged in the 10th Representative District to challenge Democratic incumbent Charles Chuck Moseley.

In local township races, the Westchester Township Board saw its third and fourth Republican candidates throw their hats in, incumbents John Canright and Sue Huyser, making it a contested race. Voters in the May 6 primary election will vote for three of the four candidates to be on the board.

Following is a list of candidates who have filed so far and will appear on Duneland ballots. Incumbents are indicated in parentheses. Bold indicates a contested primary race:


U.S. Representative District 1: Pete Visclosky (inc.)

State Senator District 4: Karen Tallian (inc.)

State Representative District 4: Deb Porter

State Representative District 9: Scott Pelath (inc.)

State Representative District 10: Charles Chuck Moseley (inc.)

Center County Commissioner: Sylvia Graham

County Clerk: Kathy Kozuszek

County Coroner: Chuck Scheuer

County Sheriff: Dave M. Reynolds, Harold S. Lush

Judge of Superior Court 4: David Chidester (inc.)

Jackson Twp. Trustee: Janice Meyer

Jackson Twp. Board: C. Diane Bates

Pine Twp. Trustee: Andrew P. Himan, Jr. (inc.)

Westchester Twp. Trustee: Suzanne Philbrick (inc.)

District Precinct Committeemen: Jackson 4- C. Diane Bates; Pine 1- Andrew P. Himan; Pine 2- Jessica (Hertaus) Reagor; Westchester 1- Leonard N. Sullivan; Westchester 8- Erik Kozuszek, Sr.; Westchester 9- Paul W. Rausch; Westchester 16- Dennis J. McCaffferty; Westchester 17- J. Robert Casko


U.S. Representative District 1: Mark Leyva

State Representative District 4: Ed Soliday (inc.)

State Representative District 10: Major John W. Johnson

Center County Commissioner: Nancy Adams (inc.), William A. LaFever

County Council Member District 1: Jim Biggs (inc.)

County Assessor: Jon Snyder (inc.)

County Clerk: Karen Martin (inc.)

County Coroner: Chuck Harris (inc.)

County Recorder: Jon C. Miller (inc.)

County Prosecuting Attorney: Brian Gensel (inc.)

Judge of Superior Court 1: Roger Bradford (inc.)

Judge of the Circuit Court: Mary R. Harper (inc.)

Jackson Twp. Board: Judith Guernsey (inc.)

Liberty Twp. Trustee: Beth Underwood (inc.)

Liberty Twp. Board: Jacquelyn M. Sterling (inc.), Jeffrey E. Larson, Tim Cole, Glenn Wiles (inc.)

Pine Twp. Board: Margaret Peggy Richardson (inc.), Daniel Timm

Westchester Twp. Board: Barbara J. Stroud (inc.), John Canright (inc.), Sue Huyser (inc.), Cheryl Evans



Posted 2/5/2014