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County BZA makes K and R Carpet variance permanent

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Ten members of the public appeared at the Porter County Board of Zoning Appeals meeting Wednesday night to express support for a permanent use variance for K & R Carpet.

Todd Leeth, representing Kriss and Angela Noel, said that family business K & R Carpet, located at 609 E. Ind. 2 in Jackson Township, has operated under the same conditions set forth by a use variance granted by the BZA more than 20 years ago, and has come before the BZA to renew that variance every five years since 1995. The property, home to a pole barn, a warehouse, and a residence, is 4.71 acres in size and zoned rural residential.

The BZA granted the original use variance under four conditions: the property cannot be used as a retail store, traffic must be limited to two semi-truck deliveries per week, no flammable glue can be stored on the premises, and truck traffic must be limited to Ind. 2 and C.R. 600E.

Leeth asked the BZA to consider granting a permanent use variance so that K & R Carpet’s business cannot be threatened by complaints or governmental changes during future renewals. “It seems to me that you’re disingenuous to K & R carpet or any petitioner if you’re going to limit them to five years,” Leeth said.

Ten members of the public voiced support for the petition. Larry Biggs, a nearby neighbor, said that he’s in favor of the variance because the property is well-kept. “Their property is immaculate, always has been, always is.”

No one spoke in opposition.

The board unanimously granted the permanent use variance on the condition that the property and business stay with the current owners and that the owners continue to follow the original four conditions set forth in 1995. K & R will no longer have to renew the variance every five years, but will undergo a review ensuring compliance at that time.



Posted 11/16/2017




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