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Council to consider Aldi warehouse abatement and Raise the Barn funds

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The Porter County Council will meet at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday for its regular meeting which will include a public hearing for a resolution to declare an Economic Revitalization Area around the Aldi L.P. warehouse.

The Council last month agreed 6-0 to consider the resolution for the facility located at 197 East Division Road in Washington Township.

Aldiís legal representative Todd Leeth said the company wishes to expand its facilities and will ask the Council to consider granting tax abatements.

Also on the agenda is a tabled discussion on requests from County Auditor Robert Wichlinski for an additional appropriation of $225,250 for contractual services. The contracts included in the request will help fund accounting support, fixed asset valuation, homestead credit fraud services, verification mailings, and homestead credit fraud litigation support.

Some of the tasks would have been funded with the Auditorís non-reverting fund but the Council reduced the allocation to $0 at a special meeting on April 10. Council members began talking about the request for the additional funds but a majority of members voted to table it so the Council could have more time to discuss the matter.

Also, the Parks Department will request $1.5 million in hospital interest money for construction of the Raise the Barn project. The County Commissioners approved use of the money with a 2-0 vote last week. Use of the interest money needs a majority votes from both boards.

The Council will be asked to approve $197,104 in hospital sale interest money to cover a grant to purchase new radio equipment for a few municipal fire stations throughout the county from Motorola. The equipment is compatible with the required FCC narrowbanding mandate.

Meanwhile, the Council will asked to tap into the hospital sale interest fund to pay $792,916 in contractual services for claims to Porter, Portage Clerk Treasurer and Portage Twp. for 2013.

The County Treasurer is also on the agenda for an additional $25,000 to contractual services for the development of the planned enhancements to the Treasurerís tax payment web page on the Countyís website.

The ITS department requests the Councilís approval to create a Server Administrator position with an additional of $39,000 to salaries.

The Motor Vehicles fund requests $10,000 be given to overtime and $20,000 be made to supplies for overtime and purchase plow blades and transmission filters for annual services.

The County Commissioners will request $19,934 to workmenís comp for renewal invoices and a transfer totaling $3,300 to cover attendance at conferences and to cover increases in cost of waste disposal.

Bookkeeping adjustments are on the agenda for the Commissionerís Cable Franchise, Paul C. Zona Wildlife, and Emergency Medical Services.

The Council will meet in Room 205 of the County Administration Building, 155 Indiana Avenue in Valparaiso.


Posted 4/22/2013