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Commissioners to meet Tuesday to approve unsafe building fund

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The Porter County Commissioners will convene Tuesday for its regular meeting at 1 p.m. inside Room 205 of the County Administration Building.

Second readings will be held on an ordinance establishing an unsafe building fund for unincorporated sections of the county.

The Commissioners approved the fund on first reading saying that the County has been in need of an unsafe building fund for a long time.

A second reading will also be given on a revised ordinance listing the fees for the Plan Commission and Building Commission. A portion of those fees will go into the unsafe building fund.

Both ordinances will go into effect on Jan. 1 if passed.

Also, a second reading will be given for an ordinance that requires developers of any building more than five stories tall to have a reliable connection for radio communication for E-911.

A new ordinance and a first reading will be discussed on creating a non-reverting fund for the receipt of court ordered detention fees for the Porter County Juvenile Center.

The Commissioners will name boards that they are seeking applications for. The Commissioners will make appointments at their first meeting in 2017.

A resolution is on the agenda to establish the 2017 Commissioners meeting schedule.

The Commissioners will vote on approving a contract between Porter County Government and the Town of Pines to provide Animal Control Services.

A request to approve the fourth payment to Larson-Danielson Construction for the new Animal Shelter will be heard by the Commissioners. Another request to be heard is approving an independent contractor agreement with Curt Ellis to provide consulting services with the Memorial Opera House, the Porter County Expo and the Animal Shelter.

Certified Grant Administrator Tina Rongers will ask the Commissioners to approve a local resolution for the Collier Lodge Historic Preservation Plan.

In department head requests, County Highway Interim Superintendent Andy McKay will ask the Commissioners to award the 2017 bids for supplies and services.

The JDC Detention Manager will ask the Commissioners to approve a contract with Jasper County to take juveniles at the Porter County center.

Facility Director Matt Stechly will present to the Commissioners paper supply quotes for 2017 and quotes for interior painting at the Memorial Opera House.

ITS Director Don Wellsand will ask the Commissioners to approve a copier purchase and management agreement with Adams Remco for the Department of Development and Stormwater Management Department.

This will be the Commissionersí last meeting of the year and the last for North County Commissioner John Evans who is ending his fourth consecutive term on the board.




Posted 12/19/2016




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