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Commissioners to hold special meeting on opening county jail's third pod

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The Porter County Commissioners will meet Wednesday morning at 10 a.m. to discuss with the Sheriff’s Department the steps they would need to take in opening the B pod at the Porter County Jail.

The jail opened in 2002 with Pods A and C ready to house inmates but the B pod has remained vacant since.

A joint effort with the County Council is being undertaken to activate the third pod. Commissioner President John Evans, R-North, has said the Sheriff’s Department has the financial means to refurbish the B pod from funding gained from the jail refinance bond.

Sheriff David Lain said approximately $150,000 is needed to restore the B Pod. Equipment has been taken from there to replace faulty equipment in the other two pods over time, he said.

Lain has requested to hire nine additional officers from the County Council for opening the third pod. The request, which includes $450,000 in new salaries, was not approved on the Council’s second reading for the Sheriff’s 2014 budgets.

The Commissioners will meet inside Room 205 of the County Administration Building, 155 Indiana Ave. in Valparaiso.



Posted 10/8/2013