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Commissioners to discuss 911 upgrades Tuesday

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The Porter County Board of Commissioners have a full agenda for its regular meeting on Tuesday at 1 p.m.

The Commissioners are meeting for the first time since Nov. 1 where they discussed upgrades for the 911 communication and radio system, moving from the County’s VHF system to an 800 megahertz digital platform.

The upgrade discussion is back on the agenda. Commissioner President John Evans, R-North, had pushed for the County to buy the new equipment from Motorola at the offered price of $9 million instead of $10 million for next year, but other Commissioners Jeff Good, R-Center, and Laura Shurr Blaney, D-South, said that they feel more information needs to be considered before making a decision. A new proposal is expected Tuesday.

The Commissioners will meet inside Room 205 of the County Administration Building, 155 Indiana Ave. in Valparaiso.

The meeting will begin with the approval of the 2017 Porter County Government holiday schedule and the second payout of longevity for County employees for 2016.

Next, the Commissioners will hear a report on employee comp time, which was a discussion point at the most recent County Council budget hearings in anticipation of the new Fair Labor Standards Act law to raise the pay threshold for employees receiving overtime pay.

The board will review a code of ethics and conflict of interest policy by the Indiana Department of Transportation.

Director of Plan Commission and Department of Development and Stormwater Management Robert Thompson will present three ordinances to the Commissioners to consider. One is for the operation of the County’s public safety, law enforcement and other emergency related telecommunications. The second deals with fees for the Plan Commission and Building Department and the third is for an unsafe building fund.

Also, the Commissioners will vote on an Animal Services contract between the County and the Town of Beverly Shores for 2016 to 2018.

There will be a discussion on the County’s guidelines for vacant and abandoned property donations.

The Commissioners will consider a letter of agreement between the Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company and the Porter County Jail Building Corporation.

There will be a request to approve a third payment application to Larson-Danielson for the new Animal Shelter. There will also be an agreement presented by NIPSCO for extension of services to the new Shelter.

The Commissioners will next vote on approving the cost of a remaining medical bill for Ken and Jamie Erow, an officer with the Sheriff’s Police, for $1,375.

In department head requests, IV-D Court Commissioner Lisa Moser is seeking approval to purchase state and U.S. seals for the IV-D courtroom.

Sheriff David Reynolds and his business manager Edie Hahn will ask the Commissioners to open the responses for the RFP made for medical services at the County Jail, as well as approval of agreements for a contract with the Center for Workforce Innovations, Correct Care Solutions and the 2016 and 2017 Sheriff’s Police compensation agreements.

County Highway Interim Superintendent Andy McKay will ask the Commissioners to receive and open bids for the 2017 supply and service contracts.

Museum Director Kevin Pazour will ask the Commissioners to approve the contract for AmeriCorps Service Members who volunteer at the Museum.

IT Director Don Wellsand will ask approval for copier and purchase agreements with Adams Remco for the Clerk’s Office and the Adult Probation Office at the North County Annex.

Facilities Director Matt Stechly will ask approval of two contracts. One is with Crowder Detention for riot doors at the County Jail and the second is with Mitsubishi Electric for new batteries at the Jail and E-911 Center. He will also ask for a proposal to be approved for domestic boiler replacement at the Jail.

Expo Center Director Lori Daly will ask the Commissioners to approve catering contracts for 2017 and Opera House Director Scot MacDonald will ask approval for various artistic services agreements.

There is no Plan Commission Business following the regular meeting. The Commissioners will however meet as the County Stormwater Management Board after the meeting.



Posted 12/2/2016





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