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Commissioners release RFP for county employee wellness clinic

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The Porter County Board of Commissioners has approved a request for proposals for a wellness clinic for County employees to be located at the County Administration Center.

At the Commissioners’ meeting Tuesday, County Attorney Scott McClure reported that the Board has been discussing the implementation of a wellness clinic in relation to the recent switch to different health insurance for County employees, and a number of local medical providers have expressed interest in providing such a clinic.

Commissioner President Jeff Good, R-Center, said the Board will consider cost and location to find a provider that works best for employees. He also noted that hours of operation will be a big factor. “We’re looking for convenience for our employees, and I feel this is a win-win for everybody,” he added. “We’re in a very good spot right now because we have a lot of interest in this clinic. I think we’ve had five places call already.”


In other business, Charlie Keene, consultant with General Insurance Services, appeared to discuss the County’s property and casualty insurance and worker’s compensation program.

Keene said that it is GIS’s recommendation that Porter County move to Traveler’s for property and casualty insurance. A major factor in the decision is the fact that Traveler’s has a dedicated public service arm. Keene also said the best choice for worker’s compensation is to enter a partially self-funded program through Caitlin Morgan Insurance Services. The premium for property and casualty is $1,430,702, and Keene recommended that the County contribute $449,117 into the worker’s compensation loss fund with Caitlin Morgan. According to Keene, these moves will save the County about $280,000 this year.

The Board approved the recommendations, and Good said that the direction of consultants like Keene has been helpful. “We took a very deep dive and learned a lot about what was out there. 280k a year is a good savings, but on top of that, we have a lot better coverage than we used to, and you can’t put a number on that.”

Capital improvement Projects

Meanwhile, the Board approved the release of a notice to bidders regarding window replacement at the Porter County Courthouse. All the windows will be replaced as part of the renovation of the Courthouse, and the delivery on the windows could take eight to 14 weeks, according to Good. Good also noted that taking bids now could mean that the windows get replaced before winter hits later this year. Bids will be accepted until May 8.

In other capital improvements business, the Board approved another payment to Gariup Construction for work on the Administration Center plaza in the amount of $45,703.55. The remaining balance on that project is $65,720.90. The Board also approved its memorandum of understanding with the Portage Township Trustee to share maintenance responsibility and construction costs for the new complex it will share with the Trustee’s office and the Portage Food Bank.


Posted 4/20/2018




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