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Commissioners OK obligating developers to keep new roads in shape

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A new maintenance agreement will ensure that roads constructed in Porter County are structurally sound.

Robert Thompson of the Porter County Plan Commission reported at the Board of Commissioners meeting Tuesday morning that highway engineering has a new maintenance agreement, under which developers who build roads are subject to a three-year term that allows the County to ensure build quality. County Attorney Scott McClure said the agreement is like having a warranty on new roads.

Thompson said that roads constructed under this agreement will only be admitted to the County’s inventory after the period of three years has passed and the road has been inspected to ensure it is functioning right and up to code. The developer is responsible for any problems that arise during the agreement. “Any kind of crack we see in the roads, they’re gonna have to seal,” Thompson said. Developers are also required to include reflective delineators so snow plow drivers can see obstructions such as islands. The County will perform snow plowing for the life of the agreement, which is backed by a $246,355 letter of credit provided by developers.

Thompson and Commissioner President Jeff Good, R-Center, recalled that the County has seen a lot of road failures in subdivisions in recent years. “I think this will put a lot of onus on the developers to build these roads right the first time,” Good said.


Facilities Director Matt Stechly reported that the jail kitchen needs two new tilt skillets to replace one that is nonoperational and one that is at the end of its life. He presented three quotes, and the Board opted to approve the low one of $31,963.58 from C & T Design. Stechly said a lot of the equipment in the jail kitchen is in need of replacement, so he is coordinating with the vendor that provides food prep at the kitchen to put together a capital plan for updating the kitchen. “We’re trying to really get on top of it,” he said.

Stechly also presented quotes for fencing at the Emergency Services Center, which houses shared storage for the Emergency Management Agency and the Health Department. The quotes he found were for 8-foot barbed wire topped fencing outside of the building, and some inside fencing to create a securable storage area for the bomb squad. He recommended, and the Board approved, the low quote of $9,000 from Northwest Indiana Fence.


Posted 3/14/2018




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