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Commissioners choose SRI Inc for certificate sale

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The Porter County Commissioners voted 2-0 at a special meeting Thursday to hire the Indianapolis-based SRI Inc. to conduct the upcoming commissioners’ tax certificate sale in April.

Commissioners Jim Biggs, R-North, and Laura Shurr Blaney, D-South, approved the contract with SRI over a proposal submitted by Onyx Electronics, which has an office in Valparaiso.

The proposals were reviewed at the Commissioners’ Jan. 31 meeting, when SRI Inc. proposed an all-inclusive fee of 15 percent of sales made. That also included fees for attorney’s services, who would be on hand at the sale to talk about the parcels up for sale. Onyx had proposed a 7 percent commission fee but there were additional costs for its attorney.

SRI then matched Onyx’s rate of 7 percent while keeping its fee all-inclusive which gave it the edge over Onyx, Blaney told the Chesterton Tribune.

SRI has handled the County’s tax sales over the last five years, which have traditionally been held in October.

If a property has unpaid property taxes, it is subject to a tax sale to be sold on a lien. If it doesn’t sell there, the County Commissioners will get a tax certificate for the property which can then be sold later at a certificate sale.

“The goal is to get as many properties sold as possible so they can be put back on the tax rolls,” said County Auditor Vicki Urbanik.

Urbanik told the Tribune this morning that a notice for the certificate sale will be published on Wednesday. The special meeting was to get the process started before spring property tax bills for 2017 are mailed out to cut down on any confusion, she said.

As of now, there are 403 parcels up for sale. That is down from 492 parcels about three weeks ago as Urbanik reported there have been a number that have been resolved already.


Posted 2/17/2017





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