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Commissioners approve responsible bidding ordinance for contractors

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The Porter County Commissioners considered a number of proposed ordinances at their meeting Tuesday morning.

The Commissioners revisited two ordinances that they approved on first reading at their December meeting. First up was a county-wide responsible bidding ordinance (RBO) that drew several supportive public comments last month. The RBO, which will require contractors hired by county government to provide evidence of a clean business record, was approved.

Next was the mobile home processing fee ordinance, which ordinance requires a $10 fee for moving or transferring ownership of a mobile home. It was also approved.

Park Department Grant

In other business, Park Board attorney David Hollenbeck and Park Superintendent Walter Lenckos came before the Commissioners to propose an ordinance establishing a fund for incoming grant money. The Park Board plans to use a $200,000 grant from the Land and Water Conservation Fund to build new restrooms at Sunset Hill Farm Park. The ordinance was approved on first reading, with no members of the public speaking for or against it. Commissioner Laura Blaney, D-South, congratulated Lenckos on securing the grant.

Bulk Copies Ordinances

Porter County Recorder Jon Miller also came before the Commissioners to propose two ordinances that are now required due to a change in the law. According to Senate Bill 505, an ordinance is now needed in order to sell bulk copies of watermarked government forms to bulk users. The copies can be sold for between 10 and 20 cents each.

Miller reported that a cost analysis shows that Porter County can charge the maximum of 20 cents. He also said that the money from sales of bulk copies will be allocated to the Recorderís Perpetuation Fund, and is likely to be applied to the purchase of computer software and hardware and supplies. Miller also proposed an ordinance requiring that bulk copies be watermarked.

No one spoke for or against either ordinance. Both were approved on first reading.



Posted 1/19/2018




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