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Chelsea Bradford joins county stormwater team

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Porter County has a new engineer on its stormwater team, County Engineer Mike Novotney announced at the Stormwater Management Board’s meeting Tuesday morning.

The county extended an offer of employment to Valparaiso University engineering alumna Chelsea Bradford. Novotney says Bradford has a year and a half of solid experience, in which she completed an internship in Warsaw and gained experience with municipal engineering.

Bradford has accepted the offer.

Professional Services

n other business, Valparaiso City Stormwater Engineer Adam McAlpine has entered a professional services agreement with the county to work part-time to solve drainage issues in various subdivisions.

The agreement stipulates that McAlpine will work between eight and 12 hours a week, and will not exceed 16 hours a week through Dec. 31, 2018. He will be paid an hourly rate.

Novotney said he will work closely with McAlpine, communicating each week to ensure progress. Commissioner Jeff Good, R-Center, praised what he has seen of McAlpine’s work. “In my experience he has a track record of doing this and doing it right the right way,” Good said.

Park Place Wheeler

Meanwhile, Novotney reported, the county and Indiana American Water Company (IAWC) share financial responsibility for a water main on Park Place in Wheeler.

Although the relocation of the water main on Park Place has been delayed due to unclear ownership, Stormwater Attorney David Hollenbeck reviewed a transfer agreement between Indiana American Water and Union Township which states that both parties agree to make a good-faith effort to share the cost of maintaining the water main.

Now that financial responsibility has been determined, Hollenbeck is waiting on word from IAWC about construction, and Novotney is thinking about the best solutions for the relocation effort. The site is complex and an open cut removal, suggested by IAWC, may not be the best option, Novotney said.

The delay in work will not impact the price, as the low bidder for the project has agreed to extend its price through January. Commissioner Good reminded those in attendance that the board has been ready to move on this issue. He emphasized that nobody is being forgotten, but factors outside of the county’s control have impeded the process.



Posted 12/14/2017




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