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Cell tower approved at former ski resort site in Liberty Township

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Members of the Porter County Plan Commission’s Development Review Committee granted a request to raise a 190-foot mono pole cell tower on the same parcel of land where the former Pines Ski Hill resort used to be at 674 N. Meridian Rd. in Liberty Twp.

The applicant and property owner Chris Marshall did not attend the meeting Wednesday morning but County Planner Kristy Marsco told her colleagues on the board that the plans fall within the regulations of the County’s development standards. Given recent policy changes by the Plan Commission, all cell towers must be approved by the committee even if compliant, she said.

“This is just procedure,” she said.

The tower would be on the northwest side of the 36-acre property away from the buildings and former ski lodge. There is an access road connecting to Meridian Rd. that leads to it.

Marsco said that monopoles less than 200 feet tall are permitted. They are also required to blend into the natural environment and must not be located within any residential subdivision.

The site is zoned P-2 Parks and Recreation.

Committee member and County Highway Superintendent Al Hoagland said he had no problems with the request since it would not interfere with the roadway.

County Surveyor Kevin Breitzke said there is no legal drain on the property but advised that drainage tile be repaired appropriately if it is cut.

Marsco said Marshall had applied for the cell tower with the County Board of Zoning Appeals at least five years ago but the board denied his request.

Marshall went to court to get the decision overruled and was successful but did not retry the request until now.



Posted 4/10/2014




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