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Kathy Kozuszek files to challenge Karen Martin for County Clerk job

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Directors in the Porter County Voter Registration office speculate it may be winter’s frigid temperatures that have caused a stall in filings for County offices.

The latest sign-up was last Friday afternoon when Democrat Kathy Kozuszek filed for the County Clerk seat currently held by Republican incumbent Karen Martin.

Kozuszek filled out her Statement of Economic Interests mentioning she is a County employee and works as the Democratic Director in the Voters Registration office.

All four County Council races have yet to see a single filing despite the fact there is less than two weeks left to go until the filing period ends at noon on Friday, Feb. 7. That may change next week as the County Commissioners make their corrections to the new ordinance establishing the County Council districts on Wednesday afternoon.

State races and judge races for the County and Duneland districts have also been slow, with zero new filings this week. All incumbents on the state level representing Duneland Š State Reps. Ed Soliday, R-Valparaiso, Chuck Moseley, D-Portage, and Scott Pelath, D-Michigan City, and State Sen. Karen Tallian, D-Ogden Dunes Š filed for reelection last week but just one challenger has come forward, Democrat Deb Porter filing for the State Rep. seat held by Soliday.

Meanwhile, township office races in Duneland are a bit busier with more candidates trickling in. In a vote-for-three race, Republicans in Liberty Twp. will have a contested spot on their primary election ballots. Liberty Twp. board member Glen Wiles filed for another term, bringing the number of candidates to four.

Liberty Twp. Trustee Beth Underwood also filed for a subsequent term on the Republican ticket. Pine Twp. Trustee Andrew P. Himan did the same on the Democrat ticket.

Following is a list of candidates who have filed so far, who will appear on Duneland ballots. Incumbents are indicated in parentheses.


U.S. Representative District 1: Pete Visclosky (inc.)

State Senator District 4: Karen Tallian (inc.)

State Representative District 4: Deb Porter

State Representative District 9: Scott Pelath (inc.)

State Representative District 10: Charles “Chuck” Moseley (inc.)

Center County Commissioner: Sylvia Graham

County Clerk: Kathy Kozuszek

County Coroner: Chuck Scheuer

County Sheriff: Dave M. Reynolds, Harold Lush

Judge of Superior Court 4: David Chidester (inc.)

Jackson Twp. Board: C. Diane Bates

Pine Twp. Trustee: Andrew P. Himan, Jr. (inc.)

Westchester Twp. Trustee: Suzanne Philbrick (inc.)

District Precinct Committeemen: Jackson 4- C. Diane Bates; Pine 1- Andrew P. Himan; Westchester 8- Erik Kozuszek, Sr.


State Representative District 4: Ed Soliday (inc.)

Center County Commissioner: Nancy Adams (inc.)

County Clerk: Karen Martin (inc.)

County Coroner: Chuck Harris (inc.)

County Recorder: Jon C. Miller (inc.)

Judge of the Circuit Court: Mary R. Harper (inc.)

Jackson Twp. Board: Judith Guernsey (inc.)

Liberty Twp. Trustee: Beth Underwood (inc.)

Liberty Twp. Board: Jacquelyn M. Sterling (inc.), Jeffrey E. Larson, Tim Cole, Glenn Wiles (inc.)

Pine Twp. Board: Margaret “Peggy” Richardson (inc.)

Westchester Twp. Board: Barbara J. Stroud (inc.)



Posted 1/24/2014