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Auditor's Office completes year end tax settlement, earliest distribution in years

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The Porter County Auditor’s Office has completed its year-end tax settlement with the earliest distribution of revenues to local government units in at least 10 years.

“Schools, municipalities, libraries, townships, and other taxing units in Porter County received their tax draws on Friday, Dec. 8,” Auditor Vicki Urbanik said in a statement released on Monday. “The distribution was not only one week earlier than last year but also was the earliest December settlement in at least 10 years.”

“This is very good news for local government units,” Urbanik said. “Once we have our year-end tax money, the county and other local taxing units know how much revenue will be available for the remainder of the year. That helps us manage our cash flows so that we can end the year with positive fund balances.”

The Auditor’s Office, in conjunction with the Treasurer’s Office, processes two tax settlements each year following the May and November property tax collections.

In all, the Auditor’s Office disbursed about $111 million in property taxes, excise taxes, and other tax revenue to local government units and to the state.

Urbanik commended the Treasurer’s Office as well as Auditor staff members Chief Deputy Toni Downing and Budget and Finance Director Tiffany Johnson for the team work approach in completing settlement. “We are elated at the efficiencies we have achieved with the somewhat complicated settlement process,” Urbanik said. “My goal is to complete each spring and fall settlement on the same date as the prior year, if not earlier.”

The breakdown of the tax distributions is available online through the state’s Gateway portal. The County Auditor’s office will also post the December distribution reports on its webpage at



Posted 12/12/2017




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