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Auditor: Property tax bill calculations complete; as usual, devil's in the details

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The Porter County Auditor’s Office has completed calculating the 2018 property tax bills, and for many property owners, the results may be mixed.

The Indiana Department of Local Government Finance recently issued the budget order for all of Porter County’s schools, municipalities, and other local taxing units, in turn allowing the Auditor’s Office to begin calculating this year’s tax bills. The calculations were completed this week, more than two weeks earlier than last year.

Porter County Auditor Vicki Urbanik said the state’s budget order shows that tax rates will increase in all but three of Porter County’s 31 taxing districts. At the same time, a credit that is applied to homesteads will increase to 12.6%, up from 10.1% last year. The credit provides property tax relief for homeowners.

“Exactly how individual taxpayers will be affected by the tax rates and homestead credit rate all depends on several factors, such as individual assessed values and deductions,” Urbanik said. “A taxpayer with a higher tax rate this year might not necessarily pay more in property taxes if their assessed value decreased. At the same time, a taxpayer in a taxing district with a lower tax rate could see a higher tax bill due to an increase in assessed value.”

The DLGF’s budget order includes all the tax rates, budgets, and tax levies in each fund for each taxing unit in the county. The Auditor’s Office has posted all the tax rates and the full budget order on its webpage at The budget order is also available at the DLGF website at

Urbanik attributed the increased homestead credit to two main factors. “The credit is funded by the county’s income tax, and this year, the overall revenue generated from the tax increased,” Urbanik said. In addition, the county’s homestead fund balance of about $2 million will be applied toward this year’s credit. The total amount that will fund the homestead credit, now known as a LIT credit, will be just over $11 million.

While the same credit rate is applied to all homestead property in Porter County, the dollar amount of the savings can vary. For example, a Kouts homeowner with a $175,000 assessed value will see a savings of about $205 due to the credit, while the credit will be about $196 for a home with the same AV in the town of Pines.

The Auditor’s Office is now preparing the annual tax rate chart for publication and expects to release the tax files to the Treasurer’s Office for bill printing within a week. The first installment of property taxes will be due May 10.


Posted 3/8/2018




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