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Auditor certifies Porter County 2018 assessed valuation, up 2.5 percent

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The Porter County Auditorís Office has certified the net assessed values to be used in the 2018 budgets and property-tax bills.

Porter Countyís adjusted net assessed value totals $9.49 billion as of the certification date, an increase of 2.5 percent or about $233 million compared to the 2017 adjusted net AV, Auditor Vicki Urbanik reported today.

The Auditorís Office certified the values four days earlier than last year and was one of the first 30 counties in the state to certify, according to the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance online status map.

Urbanik said while she is pleased with the early certification, she remains a strong proponent of giving county auditors more time to certify after they receive the assessorís data. The certified values represent the assessed values adjusted for factors such as abatements and deductions, and help determine the tax rates that will be applied to property-tax bills the following year.

ďBecause of the impact on budgets and tax rates, I believe that certification of the net assessed values is one of the most significant tasks that county auditors handle every year,Ē Urbanik said.

The certified values show that while Porter Countyís personal property values remain relatively stable, real property assessed values jumped about 3.2 percent. The certified values also show the following:

* While most taxing districts saw their net assessed value increase, the values in 10 taxing districts decreased.

* The certified assessed value of tax increment financing (TIF) districts totals $788 million, an increase of about $47 million.

* The values include a new ďmunicipal tax exemptĒ taxing district for 2018 due to an annexation by Valparaiso of agricultural property in Center Township.

With the values now certified, local taxing units can use the data in their 2018 budget process, the Auditorís Office said.

The certification came after the Porter County Auditorís Office completed the annual TIF neutralization study, which for the second year in row, Urbanik said, was completed in-house by Auditorís Office as a cost-saving measure.

The certified AVs are available online through the stateís information portal at

In addition, the Auditorís Office has distributed a certificate of net assessed value to each municipality, school corporation, library system, and township in Porter County.



Posted 8/9/2017







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