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As full time parks workers leave, part time workers replace them

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The Porter County Park Board discussed personnel and heard an update from the Parks Foundation at its meeting Thursday.

Board member David Canright reported that he met with Parks Superintendent Walter Lenckos in a budget committee meeting just prior to the regular meeting and reviewed Lenckos’ plans to split another full-time position into two-part time positions.

Recently, Lenckos hired two part-time employees-- an event coordinator and a public relations coordinator--to replace a vacant full-time position at the behest of Porter County’s Human Resources director. Lenckos reported that he found two highly qualified people for the jobs, and they have been doing well.

As for Lenckos’ proposal to do a similar split for a vacant program coordinator position, Canright said, “He did a wage study and found that it makes a lot of sense to go in this direction, and it probably would be less expensive for the County if we found the right people.”

Board Vice-president Rich Hudson recalled that Lenckos has spoken to him about the proposal as well, and he agrees it sounds sensible. Lenckos said he would work on producing job descriptions for the two positions.

Parks Foundation

Porter County Parks Foundation President Bryan Waisanen announced at the meeting that the Parks Foundation will be participating in a fundraiser through Amazon.

“We’re excited to announce we’ve been working with Amazon,” Waisenan said. Waisanen reported that an Amazon app will be placed on the Foundation’s website and a portion of the purchases that originate from that app will be donated to the Foundation. Waisanen said once this is up and running, folks can support the Foundation just by going to the Foundation’s website first and using that link when they plan to shop on Amazon.

Other Business

Lenckos reported he has been in talks with the Porter County Library about partnering to bring library activities to the parks. Canright suggested that Lenckos reach out to the Westchester Public Library system as well.

Lenckos also took a moment to thank his staff. “Most folks are aware that it was brutal summer in a lot of respects. We were incredibly busy from all our wellness programs and summer camps.

“The staff really stepped up and just did a wonderful job,” he said.



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