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The Porter County Council is announcing that the following boards have seats in need of filling by January 2018:

*  Redevelopment Commission.

*  Alcoholic Beverage Commission.

*  Convention, Recreation, and Visitors Commission.

*  Park Board.

*  Property Tax Assessment Board of Appeals.

*  And the Chesterton, Valparaiso, and Portage economic development companies.

Interested persons may obtain an application from the County Councilís offices in Suite 207 of the Administration Building, 155 Indiana Ave. in Valparaiso. Or visit and click on the County Council tab.

Certain requirements, such as residency and/or political affiliation, must be met in order to qualify for a particular appointment. If those requirements are not met, a person will be ineligible for the position.

Applications must be submitted by Dec. 29. Final decisions will be announced by the County Council at a public meeting in January.


Posted 11/16/2017




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