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Walding faces Mulholland in Chesterton's lone race

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There is only one contested race on the ballot on Tuesday in the Town of Chesterton’s municipal election.

Incumbent Republican Nick Walding will be defending his 3rd District seat on the Town Council against Democratic challenger Brian Mulholland.

Walding has held the seat since April 2010, after being elected by caucus to fill the seat vacated by Dave Cincoski on his appointment to Chief of Police. Walding, employed by Lakeside Wealth Management Group, is running on a three-point platform: efficient and frugal government; smart development, in particular that of the Ind. 49 corridor and the attraction of health-care services; and emergency and disaster preparedness.

Mulholland, employed as a firefighter with AlliedBarton at ArcelorMital—he is also a volunteer firefighter for the Porter Fire Department—is similarly interested in development, both residential and commercial. He supports the Ind. 49 utility corridor project and is a “fan of mom-and-pop stores.”

Walding says that he’s running to complete the work begun by the present council.

Mulholland says that he’s running “to make a difference” in town.


Posted 11/7/2011