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Voters to pick Porter County department heads Tuesday

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In the general election on Tuesday, Nov. 2, all Dunelanders will cast votes in six countywide races: those for the so-called department-head positions.


In this race Democrat incumbent David Lain is facing Republican Ralph Levi.

Lain points to a 13 percent drop in crime under his administration and a 24-percent increase last year in arrests. He cites his support of the Porter County Drug Task Force and the U.S. DEA Task Force, his creation of a Flex Team and a Gang Task Force, and his hire of two new officers “without affecting the General Fund.”

Levi retired from the PCSP in 2008 with the rank of lieutenant after 33 years of service, is basing his campaign on a critique of Lain’s administration, and says that he would improve morale in the PCSP, manage all department funds transparently, and talk to the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office about reducing the number of plea bargains in drug cases.

Clerk of the Circuit Court

In this race Democrat incumbent Pamela Mishler Fish is facing Republican Karen Martin.

Fish cites her automation of the Accounting Department, opening the Clerk’s Office during lunch hours, reducing undistributed child support by 70 percent, and beginning the process of electronically imaging court documents. She says that she is seeking re-election to finish projects, and implement new ones, to make the Clerk’s Office “even more efficient.”

Martin, a past member and president of the Porter County Council, cites her experience as a legal assistant, law office manager, and instructor at the Paralegal Institute of Northwest Indiana and says that “after in-depth conversations with the legal community” she decided to run. “I felt their concerns were valid and needed to be addressed. Delays and errors were substantial.”


In this race Democrat Vicki Urbanik is facing Republican Robert J. “Bob” Wichlinski.

Urbanik—currently a reporter and the community editor for the Chesterton Tribune—is basing her candidacy on her 24 years of covering Porter County government, including budgetary matters; her Level I/II assessor certification, and her post-baccaleaureate coursework in financial, managerial, and cost accounting.

Wichlinski is basing his candidacy on his 27 years of executive managerial experience, his 17 years of computer-based, government fund-accounting experience, and his four-year record as a local elected official. “I am a small-business owner who has administered payroll for nearly two decades,” he says. “I am an information technology professional and college educator in information technology.”


In this race Democrat Debby Dean Malik is facing Republican Jon Miller.

Malik points to her six years as a deputy recorder in Lake County, her experience in “both the clerk’s and assessor’s offices,” and her work as a precinct committeeman and state delegate.

Miller cites his experience as a computer network administrator for the Porter County Sheriff’s Police and C-Comm 911” and his 10 years of experience in maintaining a document management system “comparable” to the one in the Recorder’s Office.


In this race Democrat incumbent Robert L. Schulte is facing Republican Chuck Harris.

Schulte is a Valparaiso firefighter and paramedic and a state certified medico-legal death investigator who cites his “extensive medical background in conjunction with my education in criminal justice.”

Harris is a licensed funeral director for a local funeral home and also a state certified medico-legal death investigator who cites his “over six years of experience as a deputy coroner for Porter County” and his certification from FEMA for its National Response Plan.


In this race Democrat Maureen “Moe” Wendrickx is facing Republican Jon M. Snyder.

Wendrickx is currently the Portage Township Assessor and prior to her election to that office in 2007 worked as a deputy Portage Township assessor since 1998. She holds Level II Indiana certification as assessor-appraiser.

Snyder is a small business owner who also holds Level II Indiana certification as assessor-appraiser. He cites his 13 years of experience as a professional real estate appraiser and his “several hundreds of hours of training in the appraisal process and valuation methods.”

Posted 11/1/2010




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