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Seen and Heard at the polling places Tuesday

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Although the Chesterton Tribune has heard of no troubling issues in connection with the voting on Tuesday, it has received anecdotal reports of snafus.

At least two residents of South 21st Street, on going to their polling place of years—the Chesterton First United Methodist Church—were told that their neighborhood, formerly in Westchester 10, had been absorbed by Westchester 4. Neither had been informed of the change. Both were sent to vote at Chesterton High School, where one of them, committed to voting early before work, found himself stuck in the teeth of CHS morning rush-hour traffic.

Another voter reported that the precinct map had him living in Jackson 5. But he appeared in the polling place’s rolls in Jackson 3. He then cast his ballot without further difficulty.

A voter living in Westchester 3 was told by poll workers at Bailly Elementary School that he had to declare a party “because it was a primary.” Another voter in line, however, correctly informed the poll workers that any voter wishing only to vote on the Duneland School referendum could request—and must receive—a “non-partisan” ballot. The poll workers found this voter such a ballot and the voter duly cast it.

Posted 5/9/2012