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Porter Democrat caucus breaks tie on 2nd ballot to choose Wodrich new councilman

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David Wodrich joined the Porter Town Council and was sworn in Tuesday night following a Democratic caucus that selected him to represent Ward 1.

He will serve the three and a half years remaining on the term of Bill Cantrell, who resigned effective July 1 due to health reasons.

Democrat Karen Pisowicz also was a candidate for the vacancy. The first ballot ended in a tie with Wodrich the victor on a second 3-1 ballot. Had that been a tie also, Porter County Democratic chairman Jeff Chidester, who chaired the caucus, would have cast the deciding vote.

Chidester was assisted by caucus vice-chairperson Kathy Koszuzek, who administered Wodrich’s oath of office.

He owns Third Coast Spice Cafe in Chesterton and is a 10-year Porter resident. “We like the area and everything it has to offer,” Wodrich told caucus members, describing the people of Porter as a great community. As for the economic development the town is seeing, “I believe we need to grow at a certain rate but not too fast,” he added.

Because of his business experience including supervising employees, Wodrich said he believes his strengths to be listening to people and adapting to each individual when solving a problem or reaching a decision, skills that will help him make informed judgments for the town, he noted.

“I’ll do the best I can on the council and take each individual case as it comes,” Wodrich commented upon his selection.

Later, he told the Chesterton Tribune his priorities will be “to make sure the town runs smooth.” He plans to get up to speed by reading whatever materials he’s given. The biggest challenge he sees for Porter is keeping up with technology.

Pisowicz had told caucus members and the assembled bi-partisan audience that after living in Porter for 65 years, “I have an interest in the town and I love the town.” She said she’s been coming to town government meetings for 20 years, and that following Cantrell as the Ward 1 council member would be a hard seat to fill.

Representing Westchester 13, he was one of the caucus’ four Democratic precinct committeepersons voting. The others were Donald “Doc” Whisler, Westchester 7; Dennis McCafferty, Westchester 16; and Jennifer Klug, Westchester 5.

After the meeting Klug volunteered, “I voted for Karen. She’s been involved in her community for over 20 years, and on the Police Commission.” Klug said Wodrich hasn’t attended a Town Council meeting until recently.

Wodrich confirmed he attended the last one. The next council meeting is July 24.


Posted 7/13/2012