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Joe Donnelly (D) vs. Jackie Walorski (R) vs. Mark Vogel (L) for US House 2nd District

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In the general election on Tuesday, Nov. 2, Democrat incumbent U.S. Rep. Joe Donnelly will defend his 2nd District seat in the U.S. House against Republican Jackie Walorski and Libertarian Mark Vogel. The Chesterton Tribune invited all three to respond to candidate questionnaires.

Walorski did not respond by the deadline. The Tribune personally contacted Walorski twice after that deadline and both times she assured the Tribune that her campaign manager would provide her response. Her campaign manager did not do so.

The Tribune set word limits for each question and reserved the right to edit for length.

(1) To Donnelly: Age, place of residence, terms in office. 55, Granger, currently serving second term.

To Vogel: Age, place of residence, occupation.

Vogel: 32, South Bend, constitutional activist, pharmacist extern.

(2) To Donnelly: Describe your achievements in office. (75 words)

I have worked as an independent voice for Hoosier working families since coming to Congress. I supported the largest middle-class tax cut in history, voted for $30 billion in tax breaks for small businesses to get our economy back on track, and helped open VA clinics in Peru and Goshen and a multi-use VA facility in Logansport so our brave veterans receive the health care they’ve earned.

To Vogel: Describe your qualifications for office. (75 words)

Vogel: I am a constitutionalist and a Libertarian. I stay informed using patriotic and truthful sources such as,, and As a veteran, college student, and healthcare professional I bring a unique perspective. I have an in-depth understanding of the Constitution, economics, sound money, free markets, non-interventionism, and individual liberty. I understand the dangers of globalism, corporatism, socialism, and fascism. I reject collectivism and respect the individual’s rights.

(3) To Donnelly: Why are you seeking re-election to the office? (75 words)

I am running to be an independent advocate for job creation and economic growth in Indiana and to fight to preserve the livelihoods of all Hoosier working families and opportunities for their children.

To Vogel: Why are you seeking election to the office? (75 words)

Vogel: I’m honored to have taken the oath to defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, during my military service and I wish to continue this service as your representative in Congress and to work with other patriots to bind an out-of-control federal government to the chains of the Constitution. I understand the proper role of government is limited to protecting our God-given rights of life, liberty, and property.

(4) Differentiate yourself from your opponents and indicate why you believe yourself a better candidate? (100 words)

Donnelly: In these challenging economic times, the last thing we need is someone like my opponent who believes in free trade, which ships American jobs to China and Mexico. I am opposed to unfair trade agreements and corporate tax loopholes that ship Hoosier jobs overseas. I also believe every Hoosier should be able to retire in dignity, which is why I am 100 percent opposed to risky schemes that would undermine Social Security by privatizing it. My opponent supports this—gambling with seniors’ guaranteed benefits on Wall Street.

Vogel: My opponents represent the establishment party in Washington DC. They support undeclared wars and foreign interventionism, the Central Banker’s inflation tax, globalism under the UN, shipping jobs overseas under the WTO and NAFTA, less freedom and more government. I support sound money, constitutional government, free markets, non-interventionist foreign policy, and individual liberty. I am the only candidate to serve in the military, to work in the health care profession, and who provides real solutions to skyrocketing health care costs and educational expenses. I support putting America first, bringing jobs back to America, defending our borders, constitutional government, and individual liberty.

(5) What are the key issues in the race? (125 words)

Donnelly: My singular focus everyday is on how we create the environment for the private sector to create additional jobs in North Central Indiana. We need to grow the Indiana economy by rewarding entrepreneurs who invest and take risks to protect and create quality jobs that cannot be outsourced. To keep jobs right here in Indiana, I oppose unfair trade deals, unlike my opponent who has stated she is in favor of free trade, which sends our jobs overseas. Also, I have voted for over $30 billion in small business tax breaks so they can invest in new hires and equipment. Further, I have already helped close some loopholes that encouraged big corporations to ship jobs overseas.

Vogel: (1) Repeal suicide trade deals and organizations such as NAFTA and the WTO. These trade deals are blatantly unconstitutional by allowing unelected bureaucrats, special interests, and foreign governments to make laws that put American workers at a disadvantage. (2) Stop inflating the currency and destroying the dollar. Printing trillions of dollars out of thin air for unnecessary spending has disastrous consequences for American entrepreneurs and business owners. (3) End corporate welfare. It is immoral for our Congressman to force Hoosier families to pay for the mistakes made by an incompetent Federal Reserve and politically well connected corporations. (4) Put an end to the over trillion dollars per year being spent on empire building and interventionism and allow Americans to keep the fruits of their labor.

(6) The 2001 and 2003 tax cuts are set to expire on Jan. 1. President Obama has indicated his support for extending them for those earning less than $250,000 but so far Congress has taken no action. Do you support the extension of tax cuts for those earning less than $250,000? For those earning more than $250,000. Why or why not? (75 words)

Donnelly: I support making the current tax cuts for 98 percent of all taxpayers permanent, and extending all others at least temporarily. Now is not the time to raise taxes. My number one priority is promoting job growth and spurring economic recovery, and I do not believe raising anyone’s taxes now will help us recover from the recession and in fact could make the economy worse.

Vogel: Cutting taxes while maintaining current spending requires the government to borrow money or print it out of thin air. I support tax cuts but the most important tax to eliminate is the inflation tax. Inflating the money supply devalues the dollar and allows the government to secretly confiscate our wealth. This unconstitutional inflation tax hurts the poor and those on fixed incomes the most. I support eliminating the inflation tax and overseas spending.

(7) To Donnelly: You voted in favor of the health-care reform bill, several provisions of which have now taken effect. Do you see a need to re-visit that bill—and if so, why—or are you satisfied with its present form? (75 words)

No legislation is perfect, and I would have preferred that the health insurance reforms be done in parts. However that wasn’t what I had before me. I supported this bill because of the many provisions helping Hoosier families. For example: it covers people with preexisting conditions, closes the Medicare prescription drug “donut hole,” and doesn’t add to our deficit.

To Vogel: Should Congress, in its next session, re-visit the health-care reform bills, what amendments or modifications would you support? (75 words)

Vogel: Federal control over healthcare results in doctors losing their autonomy, patients having fewer options, and skyrocketing costs. Republocrats offer more government regulation, interference, and distortion of the healthcare market which benefits politically well-connected corporations which in turn make campaign contributions to the politicians. Prices go up, options decrease, and everyone becomes dependent upon the government. Free markets and competition in healthcare drive prices down, increase quality of care, and increases patient choice.

(8) What, in your view, poses the greatest threat to the future of the U.S. and how would you propose to address that threat? (75 words)

Donnelly: We face threats every day from enemies who are committed to causing harm to Americans at home and overseas and to our allies. I’ve visited our troops overseas in Afghanistan and Iraq several times in order to more fully understand our commitments abroad and how the work of these brave men and women keeps us safe. We will continue our relentless operations against al-Qaeda and the Taliban wherever they threaten us.

Vogel: Unconstitutional government such as wasteful overseas spending; undeclared wars; globalist organizations which erode our national sovereignty such as NAFTA, WTO, UN, IMF; the Central Banker’s inflation tax, corporate welfare; taxpayer-funded incentives for illegal immigrations; federal takeover of education and health care; and a host of other statist government policies pose the greatest threat to America. The solution is sound money, constitutional government, free markets, non-interventionist foreign policy, and individual liberty.


Posted 10/20/2010




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