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Filing for 2012 school board election starts on July 25

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Nonpartisan Duneland School Board races not included in this year’s primary elections will be on the ballot in the Nov. 6 general election.

Porter County Voters Registration Office Democratic director Kathy Kozuszek said the first day persons can file a petition of nomination for a school board office in Indiana is July 25. The petition forms (CAN-34) can be found on the Secretary of State’s website under the heading Candidate Information.

In order for the forms to petition to be filed with the county election board, a candidate must be able to provide evidence they live within the school district, must be a registered voter and also would need to gather at least 10 signatures from registered voters living inside the boundaries of the school district.

Candidates have until noon on Aug. 24 to file their petitions with the county voter registration office.

Duneland Schools Superintendent Dirk Baer said the two seats up for election Nov. 6 belong to at-large member Janice Custer and Jackson Twp. representative Nick Jurasevich.

In order to run for the Jackson Twp. seat, candidates are required to reside in Jackson Twp. Petition signatures however can come from any resident in the Duneland school district.

For the at-large seat, candidates can live anywhere in the district, not just a particular township.

Kozuszek said all school board seats are decided on by all voters whose registered addresses are within the school district.





Posted 5/11/2012