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Election Board to discuss Saturday early voting

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The decision to officially make all three of Porter County’s early voting locations open on the last two Saturdays before the election will be discussed by the Election Board on Friday at 3 p.m.

At their previous meeting, board members said they would have to first see what kind of turnout will be seen in the first few days of early voting to determine whether it would be worth the time and expense to extend early voting to additional locations on those Saturdays.

As of last week when early voting began, the Voters Registration Office reported a record number of voters turned out the first day, 431, even more than the 2008 elections.

The county’s early voting sites include the County Administration Center in, the North County Complex in Portage and the Chesterton Town Hall which is the newest satellite site and was in the May primary election.

Other agenda items include public comment and updates from Voter Registration Directors Republican Sundae Schoon and Democrat Kathy Kozuszek.

Also Friday will be the board’s requirement to conduct a public test of the voting equipment supplied by vendor ES&S.

The board will meet in the Voters Registration office, Room 105 of the County Administration Center, 155 Indiana Ave., Valparaiso.






Posted 10/18/2012