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Duneland Teachers Association endorses John Marshall for School Board

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The Duneland Teachers Association has announced its support for John Marshall for election to the Duneland School Board.

In a press release the association said, “The state legislature has cut nearly $1 billion from public schools state-wide over the last three years, confronting school boards and educators with many unpleasant choices. The Duneland Teachers Association feels Mr. Marshall presents responsive and responsible approaches to dealing with this situation. [He] will take a major advocacy role to restore the funds which the state has cut from local schools. He will join with local parents, educators and community leaders to take a high profile role to lobby area legislators, the next governor, and next State Superintendent to restore the funding. He will put students’ interests first in a commitment to use state funds to promote manageable class-sizes to improve student achievement, discipline, and attendance.”

Non-partisan school board races are listed at the end of the ballot.



Posted 10/18/2012