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County political parties looking to fill open spots on general election ballots

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The 2012 primary elections in Indiana may be over but the political season breaks for nobody.

Wednesday was the first day Democrat and Republican party chairpersons could start filling candidate vacancies on the 2012 general election ballots if no candidate filed for office in the primary election.

Porter County GOP Chair Joyce Webster said the parties will need to make their decision to fill the ballots by noon on June 30 according to state guidelines. The requirements for an individual to seek the nomination, she said, include having selected a party ballot when they voted last in a primary election. Interested persons must also have the party chairperson acknowledge they have good standing in the party. The party chairs are the ones who then file the candidacy with the county election board.

The same process works for the Democrats as well, said County Democratic Party Vice-Chairperson Kathy Kozuszek. She said parties must officially file a certificate of candidate selection by July 3.

Vacancies for county races include County Treasurer on the Republican ballot (the Democrat candidate is incumbent Mike Bucko) and Northern County Commissioner on the Democratic ballot (the Republican candidate is incumbent John Evans).

Democrats wishing to be considered for a candidacy can contact party chair Jeff Chidister at (800) 247-9187 or Republicans can find their party’s contact information by visiting

For federal, state legislative or judicial offices, those vacancies must be filled by the state parties which then file the candidacies with the Indiana Election Division. No Republican candidates had filed for State Representative District 10 in the primary to oppose Rep. Chuck Moseley(D) in the general election. No nominations were made on the Democrat primary ballots for Porter County Superior Court Judge District 6 to challenge Republican incumbent Judge Jeffrey L. Thode.


Posted 5/11/2012