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Candidates raise big bucks for 2010 campaigns

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Candidates seeking office in the 2010 general election began raising significant money in 2009, campaign reports show.

All campaign committees which had accounts open during 2009 were required to submit their reports on Jan. 20, the same day filing began for the 2010 primary elections.

The Indiana Election Division has also set March 1 as the deadline for regular party committees to file their 2009 campaign finance reports. The deadline for filing pre-primary campaign finance reports with the Voters Registration Office is April 16.

Below is a list of campaigns and committees which received more than $5,000 in contributions and receipts during 2009. Those in parentheses indicate the campaigns’ largest individual contributor and how much they gave:

2010 Candidates

The Tallian for Senate Campaign Committee- $39,629.83

Citizens for Chuck (Charles Mosley) Committee - $29,258.18 (Niezgodski for State Rep. 7- $500)

Committee to Elect Bob Harper - $24,868.55 (Vouga & Melton- $1,000, Kimberly Parks- $1,000, Dan Whitten- $1,000, Thomas Carl Longest- $1,000, Rhame & Elwood- $1,000)

Committee to Elect David Lain - $21,254.84 (Esther Wilson- $360, Carol Griffith Kurmis- $360)

Committee to Elect Jeremy Rivas - $14,443.25 (Calvin Bellamy- $250)

(Brandon) Clancy for Trustee - $16,834.14 (Dennis McAfferty- $900)

Committee to Elect Judge Julia Jent - $13,100.00 (Rhame & Elwood- $1,000)

Committee to Elect Maureen Wendrickx for Porter County Assessor- $5,396.31 (Larry and Maureen Wendrickx- $1,000)

RTD Referendum

Citizens of Northwest Indiana - $28,000 (Steven McMillan- $18,000)

Stop the RTA - $5,050 (Bob Harper - $4,600)


Committee for Carole Knoblock - $9,687.59 (Committee to Elect Robert Harper Commissioner- $3,400)

OLGA for Mayor Committee - $93,151.00 (Gregory L. Henneke- $3,500)



Posted 2/8/2010




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